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About the Academy

The Teaching Academy was formally inaugurated in 1997 to demonstrate, support, promote, and recognize teaching excellence at Texas Tech University.

A teaching academy can be loosely defined as a group of faculty who are considered excellent or highly interested in teaching and who have been tapped by their institutions to engage in advocacy, service, or advising on teaching matters. The central idea of the academy is that effective teachers, working through an honorary and service-oriented collective, can have a significant impact on an institution's pursuit of teaching excellence.

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Organizational Structure

An Executive Council elected from the full membership of the Teaching Academy, with one representative from each college (except two from Arts and Sciences). Each member shall serve a three-year term. One third of the Executive Council shall be elected each year. No member of the Executive Council shall serve consecutive full terms. The immediate Past-Chair of the Executive Council and the current Director of the Texas Tech Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center (TLPDC) will also serve as full members of the Executive Council. Both the immediate Past-Chair and TLPDC Director may concurrently serve as representatives of their respective Colleges.

The Executive Council shall elect a chair from the sitting Council. The Council shall meet regularly to consider the current teaching culture across campus, methods used to evaluate and reward teaching, requests from the Provost’s Office, and other appropriate issues. The Council shall make recommendations to the Provost relative to the mission of the academy and shall endorse/promote programs across the campus that support the mission.

There shall be an annual meeting of the full membership of the Teaching Academy.

Adopted by the Executive Council of the Texas Tech University Teaching Academy, October 1, 1997; revised November 13, 1998, October 7, 2008

Goals and Objectives